My plan was simple: Escape.

After traveling thousands of miles, my new neighbor was the last thing I expected to find. He gave me a much-needed job but also lunch date conversations my broken soul yearned for.

Since he’s my boss and off-limits, I promise to keep my heart far away from his while I work on rebuilding my life.

When I decide to take a risk on us, my past catches up, threatening to destroy everything I worked so hard for.

But it’s nothing compared to the fire that burns inside of me. Ready to fight for my future, I rage on. In the end, I could gain it all, including a piece of Reece’s heart.



“One by one, day by day, I’ve lost everything.”

“It’s always hard to look at your own life and see the mistakes you’ve made— to see the signs you missed— to see your own relationship rotting from the inside.”

“A wave of tingles sweep through my body from his touch. He’s lit my body on fire, reminding me of how long it’s been since I’ve had a caring kiss from a man.”

“Will my world ever exist without something dark and wicked lurking in the corners?”